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Monday, November 23, 2015

Throwback Monday???: Providence, R.I.

This may be a sad attempt at trying to find something to post because it was too dark this morning to take photos of today's outfit, but you can't blame me. Thanksgiving Break starts on Tuesday afternoon for me, and I'm trying to balance schoolwork, college applications, and packing for San Francisco these next two days. 

I don't know if many other people do this, but I actually frequently look through the Photos app on my Macbook - I love looking at old photos. These, although not so old (they were taken this past summer while I was studying at Brown University), still made me a little bit nostalgic... I might've shed a tear. I haven't shared them yet, so I thought today's lack of post material was the perfect opportunity. 

Cool reflections off of the top of a building at Brown.

"Lonely As I've Ever Been," walking to Downtown Providence.

A drain pipe on a RISD building.

Brunch at Duck & Bunny, the perfect break from college cafeteria food.

The wall inside a record store on Thayer St. I Love You, Honeybear and In Colour make an appearance, two of my favorite albums of 2015.

I really do miss Providence. The city was a perfect  mix of business and creativity, with little areas to explore, and a towny feel. It's walkable, there's good food, and it was lovely during July. 

xx Alyssa


  1. My family is from around there, and the first impression I had was that things look poor. Maybe I was just in the wrong parts of town.


  2. I would love to visit so I could visit the RISD campus. So many art legends have walked those halls.