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Monday, December 7, 2015

Purity Ring (w/ HANA, Baths) at Shrine Auditorium

August-2015-Alyssa was very smart. She bought Purity Ring tickets then, knowing that it would be a perfect break from college applications - and she was right. Saturday night was awesome. I've never seen Purity Ring live before; the show was so much fun, and it was a well-deserved break to distract me from college admissions (and general school) stress in the final stretch before Winter Break.

The first opener was HANA, who has toured before with Lana Del Rey and Grimes. You could almost describe her as a hybrid of the two - her high-pitched vocals were akin to songs like "Oblivion" and "Genesis" on Grimes' Visions, and her synths were mellow, like an electronic Del Rey song. Definitely a great choice to include her as an opener, and the crowd seemed to really like her.

The second opening act was Baths, a Los Angeles duo that I saw a few years ago at The Postal Service's show at the Greek Theatre. While I probably would've enjoyed the set more if I wasn't extremely tired and in a lot of back pain (shoutout to my car accident a few months back!), I still thought it was very interesting. I recognized a few songs, which was nice. High-pitched male vocals are always a good thing. There was a lot of bass, too.

Purity Ring didn't even start their set until about 11:15, but it was worth the wait. The show was otherworldly, with multiple dancers, awesome visuals, insane bass (some of their songs really bang live), an excited crowd, and of course, the fantastic music. 

I had an awesome time, and I woke up on Sunday morning feeling refreshed (even though I got home at 1 AM) and much less stressed out. Purity Ring, I give you some credit for helping me do well on all of my tests and college applications this week.

xx Alyssa


  1. omg no way! i was at the show too, it really was such a great show! it was actually my 4th time seeing them this year, but i loved it as much as the first time!


    1. No way, that's so funny! It was awesome!