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Thursday, December 31, 2015


2015. I like the number "2015"... "two thousand fifteen." It just sounds right, doesn't it? I think it's because I like fives - nice numbers that can always add up to zeroes: 10, 20, 100, etc. Here's a little recap of my 2015.


It was the start of 2015. I was finally actually good at (and my mom was comfortable with me) driving, so I started going to places around LA alone with friends. We took a trip to the beach after our last first semester final, climbed up on the rocks, and got some cool pics. I cut my hair pretty short in January. 


My school had its first Winter Formal in January; I wore a suit (seen in the photo). You can kinda see my short haircut in this photo. I liked it a lot, but it really only looked cute when it was nice and smooth (not frizzy), like it was here. I spent a lot of time with my Senior friends this month.


In March, my family and I went on the grand East Coast college tour. We drove through New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. It was really cool road tripping, since I've never really had a good look at the East Coast. Seeing snow on the ground was also nice, too - I came at the back end of the freezing Winter. We squeezed in a few days in NYC; this is photo of me at the MOMA looking at some Lichtenstein. I was getting really nervous around March since I realized I actually had to start figuring out college.


Since 2013, I've known April as "Coachella Month." Spring Break ends at the beginning of April, I have one week of school, and then Coachella Weekend 1 happens and everything is awesome. This was the third year I've gone to Coachella, and I had such a fantastic time - this is a photo of Panda Bear, one of my favorite artists, under one of the tents on the Empire Polo Field. There's something so magical and cathartic about sweating in the desert for three days (and hearing ringing for the next three). 


I got to go to my first Prom in May (my school only has a Junior/Senior Prom). I made the last-minute decision to stick a bunch of star confetti around my eyes, which I don't regret one bit. It looked a little silly in pictures, but I only get to go to two Proms my whole life, so I thought I might as well do it! I felt like a fairy princess. The dance itself wasn't so fun considering all of my friends had dates and I was ridin' solo, but it was nice dressing up and taking photos beforehand. 


I was in Chicago at SAIC taking a class in portfolio development for most of June. It was the first time I'd been to Chicago, and I had a lot of fun exploring the city with the friends I made there (all of which happened to be from LA). We ate great food, found cute places to shop, and did a whole lot of art. 


I took a class at Brown University during July. I made some amazing friends from all over the world that I still keep in touch with almost every day. The class was called "Music & Politics," and it was so cool - I learned so much about music and history, wrote essays about The Beatles and MGMT, and got the feel of a real college class. Independence is a little scary, but I think I've got the hang of it now. 


In August, I went on my first road trip without parents to Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco. I went with some friends who had just graduated in June, so it was basically a going-away party filled with ramen burgers, avocado fries, Mumford & Sons, Caribou, and a bunch of other great artists (and food). 


September brought the beginning of my Senior year of high school. It was scary, but a lot of fun. We don't have a ton of school spirit, but my grade really stepped it up and went all-out on the first day. We all dressed in camo (our class color), asserted our authority, and got pumped for the end of our high school lives.


October is my birthday month, and also the Best Month Ever Always. I got to go to a Wolf Alice concert to cover it for Rogue Magazine (I saw Alex Turner in the audience and cried), my friends surprised me for my birthday with a Father John Misty concert (photo), I turned 17, and I went to a Rookie Yearbook 4 signing on Halloween.


November is Thanksgiving Month. We always go up north to the Bay Area for Thanksgiving, which I never get tired of. It was refreshing to see some green landscape (thanks, drought), and I actually got to wear my winter clothes for a few days. I also made the best pumpkin pie ever.


I saw Purity Ring, CHVRCHES, and Baio in concert. I went skiing at Mammoth Mountain for a weekend. I finished my first semester of Senior Year. I turned in (most of) my college applications. I got bangs. I went to New York City. I'm currently in New Jersey with family. December has been a whirlwind end to a crazy year that I will never forget. 

Here's a master playlist of all of the songs that meant something to me this year:

xx Alyssa


  1. your year seemed incredible! love the pictures and here's to an even greater year to come!


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  3. Wow.. what a year! I hope my 2016 is just a great as your 2015! Sending luck your way for the new year!

    xoxo serena

  4. Looks like you've had an amazing year omg! Happy new year, hope 2016 treats you well! xo

  5. Aw man, your year looked a lot of fun! I'm totally jealous that you live in LA, and your adventures are soooo photogenic. You looked awesome during your Winter Formal too, and I really enjoyed the playlist, as your music taste is ace. Happy new year!

    Andrea | Collars and Bones

    1. LA is very photogenic, so true... thank you so much! Happy new year!

  6. Your year sounds like it was super rad! Haha, it definitely encourages me to do more this year. I hope 2016 is radddd and you get into all of your dream schools!