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Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend In Review

Hello lovely people! I'm currently in my last week of school before Winter Break (hallelujah), so it's crunch time. My school doesn't have finals until after break, which most people don't like considering they feel they have to study over the holidays. This year, it was actually particularly nice, as most people are hearing back from Early Decision/Early Action college applications, and the added stress of finals would've just been too much. I have about ten more applications to finish within this week (ugh), but Friday afternoon - Winter Break - is going to be the best feeling ever. This past weekend, I stayed in to get work done; here are a few photos I took at home.

I was feeling a little down this weekend (applying to college is the most dehumanizing process ever!) so my mom bought be a mini Christmas tree at Trader Joe's. It even came sprinkled with glitter confetti - definitely cheered me up. I put it on my bedside table, next to my wall of cool stuff: everything from vinyl download cards to museum brochures and a print-out of that one time Ezra Koenig tweeted me. 

I've been trying to get away from social media, especially because the "_______ UNIVERSITY CLASS OF 2020!!!!!" posts are starting to fill my newsfeed. Not that I'm not ecstatic for my classmates, I really am - I'm just trying to get over college admissions stress right now, and it's toxic for me to see other people's posts that only make me more stressed out. I love flipping through magazines (like this Rookie Yearbook); the articles take my mind off of school, and the photos are always so dreamy. 

I'm a chronic decorator, so when things get a little too busy and stress-filled for my brain, I go at it, decorating my walls, desk, computer, and clothes. My stash of cool buttons comes in particularly handy.

xx Alyssa


  1. Ugh, that's how I am feeling right now. I just want to forget college exists for a little bit.