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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Yesterday was awesome. My mom and I went to the Getty Villa museum in the Pacific Palisades so I could get extra credit on my AP Art History final... don't worry, I would've enjoyed the museum anyways. I'm an art nerd.

It was raining yesterday, so the sea had this gloomy, green glow. One of my favorite drives in the worlds is the stretch of PCH from southern Malibu to Santa Monica. Normally, I can't take pictures, but my mom was driving this time - good thing, because it was one of the prettiest states I've seen the Pacific Ocean in. 

I'd been to the Getty Villa once before, but I was quite young and don't really remember it. I'm pretty sure I just thought it was boring. This time around, I got super excited identifying the differences between Black Figure and Red Figure Greek vases, looking at all the pretty coins and jewelry, and hunting out the Getty Kouros. This sculpture, supposedly from 530 B.C., is regarded by many art historians as a modern forgery - yet, it was bought by the Getty for 9 million dollars. By taking a selfie with the Getty Kouros, I get extra credit of my first semester final. I wasn't about to pass up that opportunity. 

I was inspired by one of my favorite Instagram accounts, @IHaveThisThingWithFloors, to take these photos. The Getty Villa is so beautiful, and it makes no exception with it's tiling. I mean, look at that geometry! 

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  1. Lovely photos, looks like fun! I love that instagram account it's so cool xo

    1. Thank you! Their photos are so cool!