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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


One of my resolutions for 2016 was to be more sustainable, eco-friendly, and environmentally conscious. In my household, we've already been pushing ourselves to use less water due to the California drought. While these three tips are almost mind-numbingly simple, I'm definitely going to embrace them this year when curating my closet. Since I'll be moving out and going off to college in Fall, I'm starting the (what will be 8-month) process of evaluating my clothes for keeping, selling, donating, and throwing away. The goal is to minimize the amount of clothing thrown out (which contributes to landfills) while still maintaining great style and quality. Here are my three tips to create an awesome wardrobe this year without killing the environment:


In Los Angeles, we have stores like Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading Co., and Wasteland, where you can resell your clothes that are too nice to give away. This is a great way to get some cash when you're in need of it, but since the return for these resell stores isn't so great, I'd recommend reselling online. My favorite app is Poshmark, but some other great ones are Tradesy and Depop. It's super easy: take pictures of your items, list them at a price you think matches the value, and watch the cash roll in as your closet cleans out. Check out my Poshmark account @visionsofnyc.


This one is super easy. Simply bag up all of your clothes that you won't be able to sell and make a trip to your local Goodwill (or any other charity shop nearby). Sustainable clothing brand Reformation actually provides a recycling/donating service; I picked up this free shipping label at the Soho location, and all I have to do is box up the clothes I want to donate and send them off with the label. Sometimes, you can even get a good deal by recycling: my local donation site actually gives me a 10% discount when I drop off a donation bag for the next time I come into the store, a great opportunity for getting thrifty. Which brings me to my third tip...


The whole goal of sustainable shopping is that you don't want to create more textile waste. Stores like Reformation and Purrr Melrose (one of my favorite indie brands that sells online and at the Melrose Trading Post) use deadstock fabric as to not create unnecessary waste. ASOS, another great website, sells a "Reclaimed Vintage" line, which has the same concept of recycling found fabric. These are all great options, but thrifting is the king of them all; I've found some of my favorite pieces in thrift stores and flea markets across the world. They're cheap, fun, and you can really score big. I got a vintage baseball bomber in Japan (left), my favorite pair of overalls at the Melrose Trading Post (right), and a pair of Valentino palazzo pants that I died and patched up from the Santa Monica Flea Market. Try it!

xx Alyssa

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