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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


June has been an incredible rollercoaster of a month. The first week brought a large wildfire that threatened the school I spent 12 years of my life at - it basically burned everywhere around it, but firefighters kept my school untouched. I went to Disneyland with my whole senior class, graduated a few days later, and attended a lot of celebratory brunches/lunches/pool parties. Birthdays, beach trips, Father's Day, Netflix marathons... it all happened. Here's the soundtrack of my past month.

5. "Someone Else Is Getting In" - Drowners

Drowners' second album On Desire came out this month, and after the first listen, I was very happy. It's a great successor to their 2014 s/t. This song was an instant standout: catchy and poppy, with the coolness that Drowners does best. They've stepped it up from 1-and-2-minute songs to 3-and 4-minute songs, and I think it's definitely an improvement.

4. "Be Above It" - Tame Impala

I was listening to Lonerism a couple of weeks ago, rediscovered this song, and proceeded to listen to it probably 10 more times that day. Kevin Parker's vocals are so cathartic here. To be honest, I just really miss Australia, and I think listening to Tame Impala helps eases that feeling for me.

3. "Vanessa" - Grimes

Grimes and d'Eon's Darkbloom EP was an addition to my vinyl collection this month, and mostly due to my unwillingness to change the record on my turntable (see: laziness), I ended up listening to this song a lot. It's a great one - I know I say this all the time, but Grimes is such a cool girl.

2. "I Can Change" - LCD Soundsystem

Summer means sitting around on the couch watching Netflix, and since that entails rewatching Gossip Girl, that show's soundtrack has been running through my head. They featured a couple of LCD Soundsystem songs, and while this one wasn't actually on the show, it's been on repeat in my head these past few weeks.

1. "Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales" - Car Seat Headrest

Last month's mailbag had "Fill In The Blank" from Car Seat Headrest's Teens of Denial, but this month, I listened to "Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales" a ton more. I spent a lot of nights in June out with high school friends (I graduated at the beginning of the month), and I discovered that this song is the perfect soundtrack for driving home on Los Angeles freeways at night. My favorite lyric, "it left you feeling empty as a car coasting downhill/I have become such a negative person," reminds me a little bit of "On The Other Side" by The Strokes, which probably has to do with the fact that Will Toledo's cadence is similar to that of Julian Casablancas. Anyway, it's a great song. Give it a listen.

xx Alyssa

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