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Sunday, June 12, 2016


Well, I graduated high school yesterday. It's a strange feeling. It still hasn't hit me that I will never be in the same place as my whole graduating class ever again; we were a group of only 126 people, and I can think of a funny, emotional, or unique moment with probably every single classmate that I'll never forget. 

This is me and one of my best friends, Honour. I still remember the first time she came over to my house in 6th grade; I had organized a big bin of craft supplies for us to decorate backpacks with, and let me tell you, those backpacks were ugly. So funny. We've been best friends ever since. She's staying on the west coast for college - so weird to think we'll be on opposite sides of the country.

No one at my school has ever decorated caps before (as we don't get to keep them), and even though we asked and were advised not to, my friend Gabby and I did it anyway. I'm going to Columbia and Gabby is going to Barnard, so we're going to be incredibly close next year. I can't wait! My cap decoration was inspired by the Columbia mascot, Roar-ee the Lion, and the song "Young Lion" by Vampire Weekend, a band that started at Columbia University.

Graduation feels like that one moment in "Hannah Hunt" (also by Vampire Weekend) right before the drum hits and the piano plays while Ezra Koenig goes wild. Tavi Gevinson talked about this specific moment and feeling in one of her Editor's Letters for Rookie Mag. Everything is about to change. All I can say is that I'm nervous, excited, and ready. 

xx Alyssa


  1. I know exactly the moment you mean in Hannah Hunt. Such a good way of describing it. This is all so exciting!!!!!! Good luck with everything :) xxx

  2. Ahh, thats so exciting!! What subject are you going to study??

  3. Cute decorated caps haha and congratulations; good luck at Columbia! :) xx

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  4. i can't wait to have this great feeling tomorrow when i finish my last exam !! :)