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Sunday, July 3, 2016

DORM ROOM DIY: Lace Tassel Garland Banner

Hello lovely people! Yesterday, I talked about how one of the most exciting things about going to college (for me, at least) was getting a new "college wardrobe." Equally exciting, then, is the prospect of decorating a new college dorm. While not typically the most exciting spaces, empty college dorms are one of the most fun (and difficult) to decorate; the goal is to make mine feel like as much of a home-away-from-home as possible.

While shopping for decor, I stumbled up this adorable Plum & Bow Tassel Garland Banner from Urban Outfitters:

But, come on, $60? "I could make that," I thought. So I did. Here's what I used:

- three different style of cream lace, 3 yards each
- two different styles of white lace, 2 yards each
- 1/2 yard of thin white denim 
- soft jute cord (you can use whatever kind of string you want)
-glue (tacky or hot glue)

Cut your lace and fabric (1 inch wide) into 12-14 inch strips - however long you want your tassels to be. You're going to fold these pieces in half, so if you cut 14 inch strips, each tassel will be 7 inches long. 

Pick three of your cut strips and set them aside. This will become one tassel. I made all of my piles include one piece of white denim, and then two random pieces of lace (cream or white). I ended up with 20 tassels.

Stack the lace pieces on top of the white denim piece, fold all three pieces together in half, and then tie a little cut piece of the jute around the bundle about one inch after the fold. I used three knots, just to be safe.

I put a little dab of tacky glue on the knot to make sure it stayed tied. You can also use hot glue.

Cut a piece of jute 120 inches long. My bed at college is 80 inches long (+ a couple inches for the bed frame), and I wanted the garland to hang a little bit, so I decided on 120 inches. I tied a loop on one end of the string (for hanging).

Thread the end of the string not tied into a loop into the top of each of the tassels you made. Once all of them are one your string, tie a loop on this end. 

optional step 7:
Using hot glue, secure each tassel where you want it to hang on the string. This is so they don't shift around when you hang the garland. I decided not to do this, since I may want to shorten my garland string when I get to my dorm.

And here's the final product, makeshift-hanging on my kitchen island!

All wrapped up and ready to pack away for New York!

How easy was that? It took me just over an hour to make, and cost me only $30 (in comparison to the $60 Urban Outfitters version). Plus, I only used a quarter of my half yard of fabric, so it really was less than $30. It's so cute, I can't wait to hang it up in my dorm room!

xx Alyssa


  1. What a creative idea! What I distinctly appreciate about this post is how you scoffed at the ripoff price of something you could easily make at home--and you did. You know what else is funny? I'm also from LA, and hoping to transfer to NY in the spring semester! what a funny koinkidink.


    1. That's why I love DIY! Good luck, NY is the best!

  2. So original!