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Friday, August 19, 2016

100 DAYS IN LA: Crystals & Coffee in Venice Beach (day 94)

My last week in Los Angeles has been packed with doctors appointments and actual packing - I almost forgot to spend time with my family! My brother wanted to spend the afternoon with me on my 94th day, so we went to Abbot Kinney (again) for food, some crystal shopping, and more food.

 I'm moving to New York City at the end of August 2016 to begin my freshman year at Columbia University. As a born and bred Californian girl, I have mixed feelings about leaving for the East Coast. For my 'goodbye' to the city I've called home for the past 13 years of my life, I'll be chronicling my last 100 days on this blog before the big move.

Last time I took my brother to Abbot Kinney, we tried to visit this little crystal shop tucked behind The Piece Collective called H.O.W.L. but failed - but I forgot the location and the name, so Google Maps was of no help. This time, we tried a little harder and found it instantly. You have to go around the back of The Piece Collective into Stone Cold Fox's store; the entrance to a cute little vintage store is inside. Then, around the corner, H.O.W.L. has its shop set up. I got this beautiful piece of angel aura quartz for my collection.

After, we found a food truck called Stickhouse Gelato that serves custom gelato popsicles. You can choose between a ton of gelato flavors, white/milk/dark chocolate, and pistachos/coconut/almonds/hazelnuts.

I got a coffee gelato popsicle with dark chocolate and hazelnuts... so good.

My brother was definitely happy about it. Until tomorrow!

xx Alyssa

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