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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

100 DAYS IN LA: Little Tokyo & Pershing Square (day 90)

A couple of days ago, my friend Morgan and I went downtown to get some cool shots. We explored the neighborhoods of Little Tokyo and the Arts District, and checked out Pershing Square to see an awesome foil installation. I haven't spent much time in DTLA, so I was really excited to get out there and have an adventure.

 I'm moving to New York City at the end of August 2016 to begin my freshman year at Columbia University. As a born and bred Californian girl, I have mixed feelings about leaving for the East Coast. For my 'goodbye' to the city I've called home for the past 13 years of my life, I'll be chronicling my last 100 days on this blog before the big move.

Downtown Los Angeles is beautiful during golden hour. 

This installation was a giant foil banner (not really sure how to describe it) that hung over Pershing Square. When wind blows through the square, the foil pulsates in waves - it was ridiculously cool.

There are a ton of hallways and tunnels downtown that make for really cool shooting locations. My personal favorite was in Little Tokyo; it had beams of light that changed colors, and the photos we took there turned out amazing.

We went to shabu shabu for dinner (which Morgan had never had before)... it was sooooo delicious. I haven't had shabu shabu in forever!

Here are some of the photos we took after Morgan edited them:

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by @morgoon/@capngoon         A photo posted by alyssa (@alyszsa) on

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Can you believe that I move to NYC in less than a week? I started this post at day 1, my adventures in DTLA happened on day 90, and now it's day 95... AHHHHHH!!!!

xx Alyssa

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