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Sunday, August 7, 2016

AMSTERDAM // day four

My fourth and last day in Amsterdam was beautiful and so much fun. I started out the day on a boat tour of the canals, which I highly recommend - it was the best way to see all of the gorgeous architecture and history. I mean, these pictures look fake!

After the canal tour, I walked around a bit to check out any stores I missed. This one, called NOBODY HAS TO KNOW, was my favorite - it's a completely gender neutral store, and the pieces are so simple and beautiful. 

After some walking, I made my way over to De Hallen, an indoor food market (and definitely not the first I would visit on my whirlwind tour of Europe). Pictured are Korean chicken skewers, a sushi handroll, edamame, and the best lil donuts I've ever eaten.

I didn't go out to dinner that night - instead, I went to Marqt (a cute minimarket by my hotel) and picked up some cheese, meat, and crackers for a cute snack. I packed up all my stuff so I could head out early the next morning for Berlin - check back tomorrow for those photos!

xx Alyssa


  1. That food looks absolutely delicious. I hope you're having fun in Berlin, it's a really awesome place!

    Charlotte x
    Fox Socks

  2. You have captured Amsterdam so nicely in your pictures, I was just there myself a couple days ago and I absolutely loved it! x