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Monday, August 8, 2016

BERLIN // day one + OOTD

My first day in Berlin was hectic, to say the least. I got to my hotel a little after noon, and decided to walk outside and check out the stores around the area - only to be met with probably the strongest rain storm I have ever been in. Mind you, I have lived in California my whole life, but I have never seen the streets flood so fast. I waited for the storm to subside in my hotel, then went back out for dinner and a little exploration. 

I'm wearing...
top: Lululemon
jeans: Acne Studios (pro tip, these are a men's style!)
shoes: Stan Smith Adidas
shirt: COS (also men's)

I walked around the Mitte area (north Berlin), which is filled with caf├ęs, art galleries, boutiques, and walls covered in posters like these. 

For dinner, I went to Shiso Burger (recommended by my lovely pen pal Caroline). It was DELICIOUS!!!! It's a Korean fusion burger place, and although I stupidly didn't photograph my bulgogi beef burger, even the twisty potato things (basically like thick potato chips) were heavenly.

Right next to my hotel was this big Volkswagen showroom/museum thing, where I found this cool sculpture. I had to include a picture!

More photos from my second day in Berlin are coming tomorrow!

xx Alyssa

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