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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

IRRESISTIBLE ME // "silky touch" hair extensions review

Hello hello hello! I am especially excited for today's post, as it's going to be a product review of something I've wanted to try for the longest time: hair extensions. While my hair is fairly long, I've never had the beautiful mermaid locks I've always dreamed of. I've tried to grow my hair out, but there always comes a point where the ends are just too dead to continue... so sad!

So when Irresistible Me offered to send me their real hair extensions a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't say no. I mean, who doesn't want to hair a ponytail as long and beautiful as Ariana Grande's? Hair goals aside, I promised myself that I would try something new every day this summer, so this was the perfect opportunity. Irresistible Me carries a wide range of 100% human hair extensions in affordable prices, as well as tons of color options. I picked the color Medium Brown in their Silky Touch line. When buying your extensions, you can choose from six lengths (between 14" and 24" inches) and three weights (100g, 140g, and 200g). The price goes up as the extensions get longer and heavier. I've never used hair extensions before, so these numbers were pretty confusing for me, but it's actually very straight forward: more inches means longer hair, and more grams means more hair (think thickness). I chose the 20" inch and 200g option. 

My extensions came in their own cardboard box in a large foil packet with two compartments. To be sure the color matches your hair, there's a small compartment with a small piece of the set of extensions; as long as you don't open the large compartment, you can return the set if the sample piece doesn't match your hair color. Since these are human hair extensions, though, you can also dye them to match your own color. Thankfully, the medium brown matched my natural color perfectly.

These are clip-in extensions, which means their super easy to put in yourself at home - trust me, if I can do it, you can. All of the hair came twisted up in two black hair nets, and all you have to do is remove the rubber band that keeps them together and then they're ready to put on!

I must admit, it was a little weird seeing all of this (real!!!) hair laying out. Like I said, I've never worn or handled extensions before, so that's probably why. The hair is extremely soft and shiny - definitely healthier than my own hair! The only thing that I have to point out is that the set of extensions seemed to "shed" (like what happens when you wash your hair in the shower) when I first opened and separated them. This wasn't a big problem, but just required a little bit of brushing and clean-up.

I had to leave the house quickly after I opened up my extensions, but of course I wanted to try them on, so I clipped in the largest piece of the set (four clips, in the middle) and two smaller pieces (two clips each). I didn't have time to style and blend them into my natural hair, so I did two quick braids and left the house. They looked amazing and so natural!! I kinda felt like an anime character... not really sure why. I think it's the long braids/bangs combo.

Overall, I was really happy with Irresistible Me's Silky Touch extensions. They're great quality, easy to use, and give me the mermaid hair of my dreams without the struggle of actually growing my hair out... because who has time for that? Like I said, I was sent these extensions for free, but all the opinions in this review are completely my own - I truly loved these. Stay tuned for before and after photos and more styling ideas!

xx Alyssa

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