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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

CONFESSION: I Miss Los Angeles

Okay... so it probably has to do with my over-romanticization of New York City, but god dammit, I miss Los Angeles.

Don't get me wrong, I do love living in NYC. There are a number of clear advantages over LA. I never have an excuse to not go somewhere because it's "too far away," there's "too much traffic," or I'm "too tired to drive." Honestly, much more is happening here, so I never really get bored like I did back home. The city is much more compact, and a quick walk will take you from Chelsea to NYU territory to Soho. It's very convenient. Nevertheless, I kinda miss my car. I miss sitting in traffic on the 405, blasting The Vaccines and singing to my heart's delight. I miss the pristine suburban streets, the beautiful sunsets, and the palm tree silhouettes that dot them. Above all, I miss the open space.

I miss the way I felt when it finally rained and the grass was green for a short couple of weeks. Driving among the mountains, pulling off to take photos in the meadow... it all seems so far away now. I hate to get dramatic, but these are the things you really do not get in a city like New York. Even though my dorm room is large (probably larger than any studio apartment I'd be able to afford here), I still feel cramped. There's not really enough room to dance around to loud music or do sun salutations in the morning. 

Also, where the HELL are the nice beaches? Yesterday, someone suggested I take a trip to Coney Island or the Rockaways since I was missing the ocean. Excuse me? I prefer my beaches large, warm, and empty, thank you very much. I know I'm being snobby about it, but you really cannot beat the Malibu coastline. All I want to do is take a drive down PCH and bask in the sun. Hopefully we'll have a warm December and I can catch up on my tan when I come home for Winter Break.

I miss going to the farmer's market with my mom on the weekends. I know, I know - "but there are farmer's markets in New York too!" Yeah, I get it. There's just something so special about chucking on my Birkenstocks and an easy dress in the morning and heading down to the market in my little beetle with the warm sun shining down through the windows.

Also, I feel like the quality of my Instagram photos has gotten worse since I moved to New York. I don't know if its the lack of sunlight (IT GETS DARK AT 4:40 HERE, PEOPLE) or the concrete landscape, but it's really not working for me. That's my bad, though - I need to get better at urban photography I guess. While I always say I want to be in NYC when I'm back home, right now, I really want to be in Los Angeles. I know that I'll probably start missing New York the second I get off the plane at LAX, but I can't help it. Something about this rainy day is making me homesick. Even if it hits 110 at home, at least it's not humid there!

xx Alyssa

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