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Sunday, November 6, 2016

NYC CONCERTS (so far): Drowners, Animal Collective, etc.

When I decided I was going to move to NYC for college, one of the first things I thought about what how many concerts I was going to go to - and honestly, I haven't lived up to that promise I made myself. Probably because I'm so busy with schoolwork. Nevertheless, I've made it out to a couple shows so far, and I wanted to share! 

I didn't take photos of the first show I went to, but it was Inga Copeland and Giant Claw at Trans-Pecos. I heard this song their for the first time, which I now love:

One Thursday night when I was feeling particularly bored, I bought a $12 ticket on Stubhub to go see Drowners open for some band I've never listened to. I loved Drowner's first self-titled LP, and spent the subway ride down to the concert listening to their recent second release, On Desire. Their set was great, and I'm so happy I finally got to see them live!

Columbia University's music magazine, Rare Candy, throws shows around campus - this was the first one I went to, and it was spoon themed! I was on the decorating committee, so my friends and I made this awesome spoon chandelier. The headlining band was PRO TEENS.

Another Columbia group called Hi Fi Snock Uptown put on a sinkhole-themed show for Halloween. All of the artists that played were Columbia/Barnard students. Here's a snapshot of my friends setting up beforehand:

The second Rare Candy show I helped plan (and of course, attended) was called Paradise Ranch and was Area 51-themed. BOOSEGUMPS opened, and Canadian pals Harley Alexander and Kurt Inder headlined.

Last Wednesday night, I went with a bunch of friends to see Animal Collective play at Terminal 5. This was the second time I've caught them live supporting their most recent release Painting With, and I'm pretty sure it was better than the first. There was a moment during the show that I just turned to my friends, tears streaming down my face, and I said "this is the happiest moment of my whole entire life." I met Avey Tare and Geologist after the show, which was so rad - didn't get to meet Panda Bear, but as they say, you should never meet your heroes. Here's a cute pic of me and my friend Morgana from the front row.

(Image from Brooklyn Vegan)

xx Alyssa

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