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Thursday, November 17, 2016


It's been a wild past 10 days here in New York. I've been attending various protests around the city, and I thought I'd share some photographs with you. I recently got an old Polaroid 600 camera from my aunt, and I used it to snap this photo of the Sanctuary Campus rally at Columbia yesterday: 

I marched from Union Square to Trump Tower the day after the election with a bunch of friends. I got a couple of videos, but only one photo; nevertheless, I think it's powerful.

A bunch of wonderful girls started a mobilization group on campus, and we sat out for hours on end holding signs in front of the statue of Alma Mater last week.

I saw these Post-It notes in the Union Square subway station coming home from a concert at Webster Hall last Sunday night.

Finally, I have this poster (that I made for the first protest on November 9th) taped up on my dorm wall now.

To my fellow Americans, I hope you're holding in there. If you have anything on your mind, leave me a comment - I'd love to chat. It's really important in trying times to express your feelings!!

xx Alyssa

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