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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

THRIFT SHOPPING WITH FRIENDS (in bushwick, of all places)

Bushwick has become a sort of joke - almost a meme - in my greater friend group. Why a large amount of Columbia Students, nearly all of them living on-campus in Morningside Heights, would congregate in a Brooklyn neighborhood two subway transfers away is beyond me. Ok, I guess you could only transfer once, but who wants to take the 1 Train all the way to 14th Street? Not me. 

I got back to campus a couple of days before classes started, so I met up with my friends that were also back early, and we took a little trip out to the 'shwick (kill me for saying that) to do some thrift shopping. I documented the adventure, of course.

Here are some photos that I managed to capture along the way:

navigating the 14th Street subway tunnel

WILLIAMSBURG DOESN'T EXIST, says Bushwick graffiti

Seth and Cassidy on some coordinating shit

Let me know what you think of this new camera! I'm really happy about the quality, and making videos with it has been so fun.

xx Alyssa

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