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Thursday, April 6, 2017

NYC IN PHOTOS: What I've Been Up To

I haven't been regularly updating for the past couple of months, so I thought I owed you all a little run-through of how I've been spending my time in New York City. 

The first sunny day in February called for a massive chill sesh on Low Steps at Columbia University. My friend Seb caught me in action. I'm wearing a t-shirt from The Vaccines, pants from Reformation, and shoes from Vagabond.

The band I'm in, Gold Medal, played Columbia's Battle of the Bands. I wore my old high school cheerleading uniform for the fun of it.

I went to Havana, Cuba for Spring Break with some of my closest friends - including my band members! It was the most amazing trip. Zoe, one of the friends I went with, captured me writing on the balcony of our airbnb apartment. I'm wearing a vintage DVF Hawaiian top.

Alright, this one is from a while ago, but my friend Nick just got his film developed and I had to share. My friends and I went as the cast of Trainspotting for Halloween last year - we all went to see T2: Trainspotting when it came out a couple of weeks ago, and loved it! It was the first movie I've seen in theaters in NYC, too.

I spent a full day exploring New York City with this amazing group of people - I walked from Manhattan to Brooklyn over the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time ever. I also ate 10 soup dumplings.

xx Alyssa

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