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Sunday, June 18, 2017


          I went thrift shopping in Brooklyn yesterday and got caught in this horrible downpour without an umbrella... thankfully, that was my only bad luck of the day, because I made some seriously great finds. I went to Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Out Of The Closet in Downtown Brooklyn (I think? I got off at the Dekalb Q station) and got all of this stuff for a total of $30.

          This top is actually hanging up in front of my window right now because it was originally light green, and I just used Rit Dye's color remover to make it a light white color instead. I've been wanting a cotton/linen tank like this for such a long time - also, the straps are silk! Even better.

          The second top I bought was a Diane Von Furstenberg reissue of a vintage design. It's my new disco top. It has a chain print and a tie that wraps at the waist.

          I also found these silk pajama shorts that work just as well as normal shorts. My favorite thing to do when I get home from work in the summer is immediately change to a tank top and comfy shorts, and these are my new go-to.

          These boots, though, are probably my best purchase. They were $5 - FIVE DOLLARS!!! - and basically unworn. Disco boots to wear with my disco top. I am completely in love.

xx Alyssa

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