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Friday, June 9, 2017

OUTFIT: Brown & Black

          I only work Wednesdays through Fridays, so today, my three-day-week is coming to a close... I have plans to hang out with some friends later on, and I might even cook myself a really nice dinner. Hey, three days of hard work? I deserve it!
          If you didn't know, I'm the Blog Editor at Hoot Magazine, Columbia University's first and only fashion mag! During the summer, we do a feature called A Week In Outfits where we follow one person's outfit choices for a week in their busy lives. I'm going to be featured next week, so for all of next weeks posts, head over to Hoot!

          My top is from Reformation, my skirt is vintage, my shoes are from Gucci, my watch is Casio, and my "Los Angeles" necklace is from Topshop. I'm also wearing a black schoolboy blazer from J. Crew, which I forgot to take photos with. My bad! 

xx Alyssa

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