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Thursday, June 15, 2017

OUTFIT: Business Casual

          I've always loved the term "business casual." I think it's so funny. I think it's funny because it's used by people who take themselves very seriously. A lot of things in the past year, such as giving myself a DIY (short) haircut and getting my first tattoo, have forced me to take myself less seriously. I brought this blazer with me to New York in the hope that I could wear it to make myself look professional - like if I needed to give a presentation or go to an interview - and so far, it's worked wonders. But why does wearing a blazer instantly give me more confidence?

          I don't think it's the actual blazer - I think it's the act of owning the blazer, and the decision to wear the blazer. I bought it four years ago from J. Crew for my high school. Once a week, we had to dress up in "assembly dress," which was basically "business attire practice." Hey, it worked. Even though some people wear t-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes to the Marchesa office (where I've been interning), I definitely feel a little bit more important and powerful when I wear my blazer.

           My blazer, like I said, is from J. Crew, and my two piece is from Reformation. I was wearing Gucci loafers on the bottom. The pins from my jacket are all vintage.

xx Alyssa

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